WCSCO Kandi — Cherry Bomb

These mouth watering treats were inspired and flavoured after some of our favourite cocktails. Our edibles are designed for the ultimate body relaxation and recovery. Please use responsibly. 200mg THC (per pack) | 10 pieces | 20mg THC (per piece) | 5mg CBD (per piece)

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Premier Cannabis Edibles, At Your Doorstep.

Canada has long been associated with quality marijuana and its popularity is famous around the world. The brands we’ve partnered with – renowned producers across Canada – have spent the past few years cultivating the best taste and methods of infusing THC and CBD into chewy favourites, and this was the solution they arrived at. Now, there’s nowhere to go but up. High up.


Marijuana Edibles to Share with a Friend.

There was a time when the term “edibles” conjured up images of unsightly cookies or plastic-wrapped stale brownies that you cooked up in your own kitchen. These days, there’s a vast variety of designer cannabis products, and the lines of edibles carried here are amongst one of the fan favourites. Grab a box and share with a friend, or indulge them all by yourself in the comfort of your couch.



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