Death Bubba Flower Quads

Royaltys Flower Quads are a must-have for occasions when you want to share the best with good friends. Royalty offers beautiful flowers hand-selected, lovingly manicured and bursting with crystals. An artisanal growing model uses time-tested methods to produce an intoxicating flower. Available in perfect quadruple-grade flower, smalls and pre-rolls. True luxury guaranteed to impress even the most experienced connoisseur.



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Introducing the New Standard in Premium-Quality Cannabis.

Headquartered out of beautiful British Columbia, Canada, Westcoast Cali is dedicated to providing the highest quality flower available across the Great White North. Our team of experts are constantly researching and hand selecting new flower to populate our inventory with industry leading strains for your pleasure. All of our products undergo a careful inspection process to ensure that when your weed reaches your doorstep, there is a 0% chance of imperfection.


A Cannabis Experience Unlike Any Other.

Westcoast Cali specializes in providing the cannabis community with the rarest and most unique Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains available on the market; hand selected by our team of experts to attend to your every need. We can assure that you’ll never mistake Westcoast Cali cannabis for anything but the highest quality marijuana, as all our flower comes encased in our signature “tuna can” containers, designed to preserve the quality of the weed. Find your favourite strain today and kick-back until it arrives at your doorstep in our air-tight and discreet packaging!



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