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Your Top Questions, Answered.

We want to make your cannabis shopping experience as easy and stress-free as possible. That’s why we’ve compiled a few of the most frequently asked questions from our customers. Still can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact our Customer Support Team – they’re on standby and ready to help!

Shopping & Returns

When can I expect my order to be delivered?

Due to the ongoing situation surrounding COVID-19, shipments may be delayed. We fulfill shipments Monday through Friday. Please note that express shipments are shipped on the same schedule as our standard shipments. Your order may not necessarily be shipped on the same day that your order is placed.

Shipment lengths vary across provinces:

  • British Columbia orders take 1 business day from the ship date.
  • Alberta orders, through to Manitoba, take 2-3 business days from the ship date.
  • Ontario orders, through all Eastern provinces, take 3-4 business days from the ship date.

Can I return the product I purchased?

Unfortunately, due to the nature and use of the product, we are unable to accept returns. However, the Westcoast Cali team takes pride in providing exceptional customer service and products for our valued customers. If you have any issues with your order, please feel free to contact us! The Westcoast Cali would love to hear your concerns and work towards improving your experience with us!

General Questions

Can I sign up for your newsletter?

Yes! We could not be more stoked to see the cannabis community grow and share all that we have to offer! Simply enter your email in the subscription form near the bottom of the page and you’ll be added to our subscription list! We’ll be sure to send you all updates, exclusive offers, and much more!

How do I set up a wholesale account?

For more information on how to open a wholesale account with us, contact our Customer Support Team.


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